Avignon is a French town belonging to the region Province French Riviera, in the department of Vaucluse 84. The location of Avignon in the South of France therefore made this town a great place to vacation. The climate is particularly favorable for the month of July, June and August.
Avignon is a town rich in heritage that make both Avignon historical and cultural town. Many tourists that travel every year to visit this diverse heritage and maintained. We mention in particular the Catholic Notre Dame des Doms, which dates back to Roman times. Near the cathedral you will also find the famous Palais des Papes is an impressive monument of its size since it is the largest fortress built in the Middle Ages and start its magnificent architecture.
Avignon, France

A beautiful place to enjoy your stay at Avignon

Beyond its heritage, the climate of Avignon in the South of France and the low rate of pollution allow this town to be safe from beautiful landscapes. Friends of Nature, Avignon is a city for you. There are many gardens, green spaces. Beyond tourism, Avignon is a town where agriculture is dominant which makes this town a real living in harmony with nature.
Avignon is an ideal place to spend family holidays, with friends or alone. It is often difficult to find housing in this county which ensure a perfect stay and comfort throughout your stay. We therefore advise you about this. Our choice of accommodation suitable for a stay in Avignon is facing the Small Saunerie, La Petite Saunerie share the consistent high quality of the services provided by this guest house located in the area Province Alpes Côte d’Azur in the Vaucluse department 84.

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